Exhibitions and Press

Glass Comes Alive

To explore the many facets of glass and celebrate the United Nations International Year of Glass 2022, Glass Comes Alive is a free one-day event consisting of interdisciplinary public talks with 3D printed versions of ancient glassware, followed by a public demonstration by glassblowers from the Museum of Glass Mobile Hot Shop, Tacoma, WA. Glassblowers will make versions of late Roman, Sasanian and early Islamic glassware by using contemporary approaches. Background concerning the ancient glassware is provided in real time via an interactive app. This generously funded event is designed to help students and the general public to broaden their perspectives concerning modern technology by looking to the past.

Watch Meredith keynote 30th August 2023

Educational Interactive App for Glass Comes Alive!

Spokane Public Radio interview aired 31st August 2023

Fine Arts Professor Wins Two National Awards

An announcement featuring the following two awards: SECAC’s William R. Levin Award for Research in the History of Art before 1750, and a Clark Fellowship at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, MA.

Ancient Technology for Today

An article about Roman Art Today: Taking Ancient Roman Art out of the Classroom and into Communities. This was a semester-long community engagement project with an advanced seminar on Roman art and culture designed to take place at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane and on the Washington State University Pullman campus.

Correcting Historic Monuments: How Displaying Scars Honours Change

Does highlighting the history of a public monument – with evidence of dishonour on display – a more complete record that honours the protesters and the changes that they have are making?

Don’t Throw the Baby out with the Bathwater: Why Art History Survey Classes are an Ideal Way to Question the Canon

A response to Yale University’s decision to cut their introductory art history survey.

Then and Now: From Andy with Love

Then and Now: From Andy, with Love is a collaborative research project by two Master of Fine Arts candidates who, under the direction of Clinical Assistant Professor of Art History Hallie G. Meredith, are exploring cross-temporal approaches to process. Kelsey Baker and Chadchom Cheskhun use a variety of media to revisit, interrogate, and expand upon works by Andy Warhol from the permanent collection of the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. This project is both an artistic interpretation of Warhol’s vernacular photography and an intergenerational examination of connections between artists.

Sculpting in Virtual Space: Experiments in Teaching

A joint exhibition with Jamin Kuhn integrating 3D printed sculptures in Art Historical classes, and 3D printed works designed by Fine Art students on the Washington State University Pullman campus

Feb. 2: ‘Sculpting in Virtual Space’ Exhibit Extended

WSU News, College of Arts and Sciences, Washington State University article featuring the above 3D printing exhibition.

3D Printing: ‘Still Life’ Art Exhibit, Innovative Teaching Tools

Story Hub College of Arts & Sciences, Washington State University article featuring the above 3D printing exhibition.