Leonardo da Vinci and Filippo Brunelleschi: Renaissance Innovators

Madison Goodwin

Leonardo da Vinci and Filippo Brunelleschi were two of the greatest artists of the Renaissance. Although these artists were very different, da Vinci- an artist, inventor and a scientist, and Brunelleschi- an architect and an engineer, they were both able to overcome challenges and show great discipline through the processes by which they created their works. Da Vinci was an artist who was greatly interested in detail and process and, as a result of this, he recorded between 20,000 and 28,000 pages of notes and drawings. With his drawings, you are able to see his process and how he started with the inside, by drawing the bones, and then worked his way outward with the muscles and then the skin in order to render the figure correctly. The link between Brunelleschi and da Vinci is credited the dome of the Santa Maria del Fiore. This was Brunelleschi's greatest achievement, because he was able to overcome the challenge of creating a dome that was 150 feet wide and nearly 180 feet above the ground. He was able to do this by devising a plan involving engineering and hoisting mechanisms. Both Leonardo da Vinci and Filippo Brunelleschi's abilities as innovators and creators in their own time has allowed their work to continue to influence people around the world.

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