Pride vs. Shame in Regards to the Female Nude

Erin M. Cotton

This research paper is a comparison between mythological characters depictions of the female nudes against the moral shame of Eve's female nudes. Through the artistic works done by Michelangelo, Raphael, and Botticelli we can gain an understanding of these similarities and difference between depictions of female nudes. This research paper discusses Botticelli's Birth of Venus, Michelangelo's Fall of Man, and Raphael's Galatea. These need to be understood in the context of their individual stories. Each of these female nude figures from iconography display difference emotional responses in dealing with their actions of lust and desire. This essay discusses the differences in symbolism and background stories that made different statements about female nudes and women making actions based off of desire.

Full Paper: Pride vs. Shame in Regards to the Female Nude

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